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Why ClorMatic?


No more red eyes, itchy skin, hair damage or faded swimsuits.


No more handling and storing of harsh chemicals.


Clean, soft, luxurious pool water.


Inhibits algae growth year round.


Automatically "shocks" water on a continuous basis - prevents chloramine build up and eliminates chlorine odor.


Simple to use and operate, easy to understand.


Available for any pool size.


Three year limited warranty backed by a leader in electrochemical technology.

ClorMatic is your own self-contained, compact chlorine Sanitizing System which fulfills all of your pool's sanitizing needs.


The ClorMatic produces chlorine from a small amount of salt that is added to your pool water. This process is known as "Electrolytic Generation". Not only is chlorine generated from this process but the chlorine generated then converts back to salt to be used over and over again. You save time...save labor...save materials...SAVE MONEY.


How Does It Work?


Just add salt (only 3,000 ppm). 

Let's compare:

bullet3,000 ppm salinity equals one heaping teaspoon of salt in one gallon of water.
bullet7,200 ppm equals a teardrop which is 3 times the level of salt in a ClorMatic pool.
bullet36,000 ppm equals ocean water which is 15 times the level of salt in a ClorMatic pool.


Turn on ClorMatic.

bulletAs salt in the water passes through a ClorMatic cell, it converts to sodium hypo chlorite where it continuously shocks out chloramines and organics while maintaining the desired sanitizer level. 


Sit back and relax.

bulletSodium hypo chlorite kills bacteria and algae then converts back to salt. This is called a closed loop system because the salinity in the pool water is used over and over again.


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