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At Viking Pools, we want you to enjoy your pool, not spend every weekend scrubbing the pool walls.  That is why we strive to manufacture a pool that is virtually maintenance free.  The smooth finish of a Viking Pool does not harbor algae and makes clean-up a breeze.  Because there is no algae growth, fewer chemicals are needed.

Advanced Composite Pool

It is the unique use of the finest gel-coats available, the addition of the ceramic core layer, the double thickness of the vinyl ester resin layer, and the polyester resin that allows Viking Pools to offer our trademark ACP® (Advanced Composite Pool) -  The very best pool on the market today. 

Fiberglass vs. Concrete

At Viking Pools, we invite you to compare the differences in features and quality between our pools and others on the market.  A dedication to excellence for more than twenty years has made the difference between Viking pools and others.



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