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Viking Pools Pool Designs Features Pool Options Installations Why ClorMatic?

Viking Pools is the only fiberglass pool company that offers the number of impressive options that we do.  Individualize your pool with optional details like perimeter tile, inlaid mosaic tiles, or even fiber optic lighting.   You can create a look that's all your own.  With Viking Pools, the choices and options are as limited as your imagination!


Viking Pools also offers Fiber optic Light packages.  You can choose underwater fiber optics, perimeter fiber optics, or our new underwater inlayed fiber optic lights.  The fiber offers a impressive alternative to the traditional pool lighting.

Inlaid Tile

Viking Pools is proud to be the only fiberglass pool company to offer inlaid mosaic and accent tile!  You can choose to accent the steps and seats with one inch tiles and/or have a variety of mosaic tiles installed, like dolphins, tropical fish, even a mermaid!   The inlaid tile will add extraordinary charm to your pool!!

Vantage In-Floor Cleaning System

Viking Pools is also the only fiberglass pool company to offer an in-floor cleaning system.  Manufactured by Paramount Pool Products, the Vantage In-Floor Cleaning System is revolutionizing pool maintenance as we know it.  The Vantage System is a  cleaning system that is built-into the pool floor.  It works through a series of fixed heads that, when operating, direct water and debris to a centralized location where it is removed from the pool through a large main drain.  The Vantage System constantly circulates water so your pool is warmer and healthier.  Now, your Viking Pool can be maintenance virtually free. 

Viking Pool Colors

A wide variety of colors are available to you through Viking Pools.  Choose from our exclusive Crystite® finish, which is a granite looking finish, or our standard blue or white gel-coats.  The Crystite® finishes are available in Sapphire Blue, Pebble Beach, Granite, and Pearl White.  The Crystite® finish adds incredible beauty to your pool.  And all carry a 7-year warranty!!!

Water Features

Viking Pools has designed it's own water feature.  The Viking Cascade Waterfall is a sheer decent waterfall that originates in the coping of the pool, creating a beautiful waterfall.  The waterfalls are available in 12", 18", 24", 36", 48", 60", and 72" lengths. 

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