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When a product is as well made as a Viking Pool, 
you expect the company to stand behind it.....
and we do.

No product leaves a Viking manufacturing facility without first passing several detailed quality inspections, and no pool reaches a customer without a lifetime warranty on the pool structure.  No other manufacturer stands behind its product like Viking Pools --- some because they won't, other because they can't.

The combining of premium raw materials and our unique four-stage manufacturing process creates the Viking Pool - a pool with unequaled look and performance

This pool is called the A.C.P.
(Advanced Composite Pool)


    1- Whether its' the natural beauty of Crystite or our standard Gel-Coat, Viking Pool's finishes have an incredible 7-year warranty.

2- Viking Pool's Vinyl Ester Resin provides you with greater impact resistance, optimum blister protection and a beautiful profile.

3- The heart of every Viking Pool is the Ceramic Core, sandwiched between two protective layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass.  The ceramic core adds a greater stiffness to the pool walls and provides enhanced water resistance.  Independent lab tests showed that the Viking Pool has the flexural strength of 41, 976 P.S.I.

4- The final stage of every Viking pool is a specially designed resin and hand-laid fiberglass.

5- Closed-Beam Construction means your pool is built using the strongest method of construction available in the industry.

It is the unique use of the finest gel-coats available, the addition of the ceramic core layer, the double thickness of the vinyl ester resin layer, and the polyester resin that allows Viking Pools to offer our trademark ACP (Advanced Composite Pool) - 
The very best pool on the market today.  ACPlogo.tif (96620 bytes)Warranty.jpg (19900 bytes)

Viking Pools backs it's work with the industry's longest warranties: a Life-Time Structural Warranty and a 7-year finish warranty.   These warranties are not only our seal of approval, they are our word as a quality manufacturer.




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